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Possibly you acknowledge the title Ozempic, a diabetes administration drug, due to its catchy industrial jingle. Or, possibly you’ve seen the medicine in headlines about celebrities and influencers taking it for certainly one of its unwanted effects: weight reduction. Whether or not you’re taking the medicine for its unique goal otherwise you’re interested by its off-label makes use of, you may be questioning: Can you’re taking Ozempic whereas pregnant? What ought to those that try to conceive learn about Ozempic and fertility, and is it OK to be taking Ozempic and breastfeeding on the identical time? Romper spoke with two consultants who clarify whether or not the medicine is secure in these situations, and who emphasize the significance of not losing a few pounds whereas pregnant.

What’s Ozempic?

Ozempic is one model of semaglutide, a medicine used to handle kind 2 diabetes, based on the producer’s web site. It’s taken as a once-weekly injection administered at dwelling, utilizing an injector much like an EpiPen. However semaglutides (and a associated form of medicine, liraglutides) are additionally gaining traction in Hollywood as weight reduction medication, The New York Occasions stories, with celebs like Elon Musk tweeting about utilizing the medicine Wegovy himself. Some research have proven them to be efficient at decreasing physique weight.

“Principally, these drugs stimulate glucose-dependent insulin secretion, in order that they’re utilized in people who find themselves having points with insulin, and it may possibly assist with diabetes administration or weight problems,” says Dr. Niamh Condon, DO, an OB-GYN board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and maternal and fetal medication, and medical director of labor and supply at UF Well being Jacksonville. “We all know poorly managed diabetes throughout being pregnant is related to maternal and fetal dangers, so management of diabetes, you’ll assume, is right throughout being pregnant, and it’s, however sure drugs could be tough. Not all drugs are secure in being pregnant.”

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Can you’re taking Ozempic whereas pregnant?

Whether or not you’re taking Ozempic to handle diabetes otherwise you’re interested by its off-label makes use of, OB-GYNs don’t advocate taking it whilst you’re pregnant.

“Ozempic shouldn’t be really helpful to be used throughout being pregnant for ladies with diabetes. It’s because there are a lot of different, safer various diabetes drugs to make use of throughout being pregnant. Moreover, Ozempic shouldn’t be really helpful for use throughout being pregnant for weight reduction,” says Dr. Banafsheh Kashani, MD, FACOG, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive endocrinology.

“With this medication particularly, there are not any human research [about safety during pregnancy], however there have been research in rats, rabbits, and monkeys, and all have proven antagonistic fetal results,” Condon says. “So, it’s troublesome to know its security at this level.”

When requested about what sorts of results Ozempic had on the animal fetuses, Condon cited development abnormalities, structural defects, and unfavourable impacts on organ improvement. “As a result of there are not any human research but with respect to being pregnant, possibly we’ll be taught extra. There may be extra to come back as a result of diabetes management is de facto vital throughout being pregnant. However at this level, it’s not really helpful.”

Even when Ozempic had been to be confirmed secure throughout being pregnant, the facet impact of weight reduction would possibly nonetheless stop it from getting used for pregnant sufferers. “If girls stay on Ozempic and have continued weight reduction, this will affect fetal development and improvement, and result in a situation referred to as intrauterine development restriction,” says Kashani. Intrauterine development restriction, also referred to as fetal development restriction, refers to poor development of a fetus whereas within the womb, most frequently due to a scarcity of diet or oxygen from the placenta.

Does Ozempic have an effect on fertility?

With regards to Ozempic and fertility, each Kashani and Condon say there isn’t good analysis to clarify the consequences of semaglutides on human fertility. However animal research have supplied slightly perception.

“In male rats, fertility was not affected,” Kashani says. “In feminine rats, there have been some alterations of their menstrual cycles and ovulation, and this implies some alteration to fertility with the usage of Ozempic.”

Kashani provides that dropping beneath a wholesome physique weight can suppress ovulation, which can clarify what occurred within the animal research. In case you are on Ozempic and noticing a change in your menstrual cycles, she recommends discussing it with you physician to ensure you’re nonetheless in your perfect physique weight vary.

Alternatively, Ozempic and related medication may theoretically assist these with diabetes enhance their fertility. “Ozempic might help folks with diabetes have an enchancment of their blood sugars previous to getting pregnant, and that is useful, as higher glucose management throughout being pregnant can decrease the speed of miscarriages,” Kashani says.

“Generally weight reduction and diabetes administration might help with fertility, so possibly that’s one thing we’ll find out about thismedication down the street, however proper now this isn’t one thing we’d use to help in fertility,” provides Condon.

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Must you cease taking Ozempic if attempting to conceive?

Whether or not Ozempic would possibly improve fertility for some folks is form of a moot level once you be taught you’ll be able to’t truly be on it once you’re attempting to conceive. In keeping with the drug’s web site, you must cease utilizing Ozempic two months earlier than you intend to develop into pregnant. Condon and Kashani second this, saying anybody on the medicine ought to speak to their physician earlier than attempting to conceive.

“This might change as we collect extra details about its security, however in the interim, it’s best to cease and wait two months earlier than getting pregnant,” says Kashani.

“Ideally you’ll see a supplier earlier than you bought pregnant, and most suggestions say to cease it two months previous to being pregnant simply to ensure it’s out of your system,” Condon says. “Physicians must be encouraging contraception use whereas on this remedy. If a affected person turns into pregnant whereas taking the remedy, the medicine must be discontinued and they need to be switched to one thing else so their diabetes is managed.”

Can you’re taking Ozempic whereas breastfeeding?

It’s nonetheless not recognized if Ozempic passes into your breast milk, based on the protection info on Ozempic’s web site. For that purpose, medical doctors say it’s not secure to make use of so long as you’re breastfeeding.

“What we fear about is, may this accumulate in breast milk after which be handed over to the toddler? We simply don’t know the doable dangers to a breastfed youngster, so at this level it’s a no till you are achieved with breastfeeding,” Condon says.

So, should you’re attempting to conceive, pregnant, or breastfeeding, it’s finest to keep away from Ozempic and related drugs for now. There isn’t a ton of data obtainable about how semaglutides have an effect on your child within the womb or by way of breast milk, and medical doctors need to know a complete lot extra earlier than prescribing these drugs to new or anticipating mother and father.

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Dr. Banafsheh Kashani, MD, FACOG, a reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive endocrinology

Dr. Niamh Condon, DO, an OB-GYN board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology and maternal and fetal medication, and medical director of labor and supply at UF Well being Jacksonville